His will until conflict, tragedy, forevermore

Gone once safe on that Heavenly Shore!


Child of God is safe even then

Psalmist experienced what God did contend!


So we like King David can know this is true!

From down within Shepard King knew.


We can know, also, so many centuries later!

God is on the throne still!  Tell now, who is greater?


Through tempests, wars keeping power still!

Keeps!  How and why because it is His will!


Worlds, the very atmosphere He created!

Endless space, hurricane you can see and hear!


Storms in violence do show a bit

Of His Power, who created it!


All in the heavens and surely the earth

We He formed in His own image in our birth!


One difference we are aware, He always is!

What more can express Almighty?  Who is!


Was a time when God was not?

Existence, always!  Forever cannot blot.


Cannot time presence that always was!

Or fact that we were made from dust.


Never was a time when God was not.

Pre-existence!  Forever!  Cannot blot!


Whose time presence that always been?

God the Father, God the Son, and Holy Spirit!


How can this be?  Then how miracles we see?

Look around!  Miracles will always be!


Life we call it not everlasting yet,

Exception spirit living on it is set!


By God’s Spirit alive and vibrant still!

Who then with fish did the oceans fill?


Spirit of man that no one can kill!

Until forever!  Or when God says until.



the Sam did not say it!  07.01.14

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