Every day through eternity.

Visit to planets you and me.

Way far apart but no problem there

As spirits we fly!  For just half-fare.



For 95 years as spirits we know

With angels we get where we must go!

Like now not to keep angels awaiting!

In a flash there no hesitating!



Now brighten that corner where you are!

Traversing a continent not very far.

Light years it would take, like, running down here

Just think it, nothing to fear!



Spirit clothing nothing to fear

Immortality even down here!

Garments to last ever and a day

It is what I hear the angels say!



We folk can hear things as age 95,

Young folk cannot though they may strive.

Angel keeps whispering in my ear

Death just a transition!  You have nothing to fear!



Not that I am fearing death at all

Gasping for breath, not the call.

Resting, life, off more like truth!

Enter eternity, heavens booth!



Booth is wide everlasting the space

No ending eternal it is in God’s Grace!

Way before Adam then forevermore

All space to investigate that is Heaven’s Shore!



Impossible to fathom just who then

Can understand inevitable or contend

The transition to everlasting

At His command!



Did God make beauty we see


So imagine what God’s Heaven is like

Once we all get there!



See the Sam there!



Coda conflict; tragedy gone for evermore

Once safe on the Heavenly Shore!

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