Just what did that poor soul miss that he desired

A fine palace and crown up yonder?

When we all get to heaven what a day!

We will be home!  No longer wander!



Considering song I remember from the so long ago

“Wrote my name down for a palace and crown,”

So then how can I help being happy and free?

Just no more begging or wanting for me!



Now if everyone gets a palace and crown,

Just kings up there will I see?

Just no one up there to rule over, at all!

Thank you, Lord for this fine country!



Everlastingly means forever and just God,

Only God is eternal, no beginning,

Always was!  No counting of ages He,

He, Himself did everything!



By Himself!  Sure nothing in this universe exists

Without His thought!

Sure, He thought everything into existence!

Stars, oh, and that frog that you caught…



Yes, once you were just an embryo then

A miracle of love!

God so loved that He gave!

Us to reign above!



Reigning sure, like, be my own boss,

Ruling my own kingdom!

Will be like the angels above!

Now where did that come from?



It is scripture, you know, God’s own word!

I did not make it up!

You know good spirits that keep us safe

Guardians who take us up!



Some glad day to be with Him!  Heaven!

Everything new, attitudes!

Communing surely and the way we will act

And think in all that we do!



Spanking new and so different!

With no night there, how sufficient!



the Sam 06.10.14

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