I wonder and that is the difference

Between me and the animals!  All

They do is wonder, live, sleep, and eat

Never experienced a fall!



Eden’s garden without the presence there,

Fallen angel making plans to rule

Above even God universally!

We wondering what kind of fool!



Would be so presumptive?

Made it all happen complete.

Made all the angels, Lucifer, too,

One to soon know defeat!



Significant in this one created

What he thought presumed,

How could one created be so rash

As to sing impossible tune?



Nature of temptation may just be

Such an impossibility,

A situation way, way beyond

Any probability.



Lucifer forgot so much of everything!

Including His Creation!

Created does not contradict Creator

Unless plain ill-flation—



To do anything but the right,

Inflated to follow wrong!

In the wrong kind of most everything

Can hear it in every song!



Surely do suffer the consequence of

Determining difference

Decided the right from the not quite

Ultimate significance.



God’s Word does state very clearly

The difference between

One thought actually sums it all

Opposite of demean!



Opposite depresses to lift up!

With God’s help we can do!

Resist the Tempter with all his ways

Lifting up Jesus’ name!



the Sam 08.24.14

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