Does God still rule the universe

With everything around?

Including what Satan turned about

Whatever He here found?



So many poisonous creatures

On land and waters, too!

The air alone seems satisfied

To be breathed as we all do!



But even there some can be found

Disruptive to feelings,

Like, itching from sun’s hot rays

With plain sweat dealing.



“Curse God and die!”  What Job’s wife yells,

Plain sick of all his cries!

Easy to reject that crazy idea

As Satan’s idea implies!



Ashes from his fire do not help much

But determination wins!

Does Job bless God and thank?  No,

But at least he does not sin!



Why then does God dress him down so?

Maybe to emphasize

His right Divine to test everyone!

Testing no surprise!



All God’s children should expect

This, what we all need!

Not to question God’s overall as

In His pastures we feed!



Reasons not often plain to us

But unquestionable!

Just thank God thoughts we can

Once out of the cradle.



Not to fear!  God teaches us

Once we have learned to walk

The straight and narrow path He trod

And talk the way He talked,

Takes a while!



the Sam

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