For my indigenous citizenry

Felt it right to fight for country.

No thought at all, then to not fight!

In my thinking it was only right!



So I joined up!  Pearl Harbor time!

Whole lot of joiners in that line.

Country needs me!  I am feeling good!

Just twenty-seven, good as I should!



Do not care to take on Panthers as yet,

Made perfect score with rifle connect!

But the hand-to-hand just is not for me,

As a youngster we played that you see!



Sure, got knocked around but a rifle is better,

Bullet through heart!  Wrote the letter!

Expert on rifle range, perfect score!

So Tommy gun forced on me, I am fighting no more!



Preached then for 30 years across the country,

And that is what I aimed for once set free.

Traveled through many states, preached in most

Jesus remembering the Holy Ghost!



Now it is, “Lord please help today,”

At 95 praying pain away!

Soon be with You!  Sure, then it will be,

‘My country ‘Tis of Thee.’



God’s country, heaven, way up there!

No place here to compare!

Imagination cannot even come close,

Eternal, ever irrevocably most!



Of anything desirable to see

In heaven throughout all eternity!

Something Satan cannot start to spoil

Heaven forever!  No more turmoil!



No other love can come close to His

Made us for joy in Him, perfect bliss!

Where sin corrupts there, His gladness shows

As looking to Jesus who conquers all foes!



So I pray, “Lord Jesus, help me today,

Please give me courage to keep sin away!

Sin I will no longer abide

As long as I am close by Your side!”



Remembering Jesus on that cross there

Agony!  Torture!  Way beyond compare!

Bore all for you and me, can there be more?

Yes, love must see us with Him on that fair shore.



Contaminants?  Never!

Only pure in heart

Will enter those Gates of Pearl!

Sure, that is just the start!



the Sam

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