Immortalize to commemorate

Sure, a statue will do!

True immortality does more

It is the real you!



Your spirit dormant in you

Can take you anywhere!

The real you let us elaborate

Heaven!  Let us go there!



Why not?  We are not limited!

Wish upon a star?

Only limit, I am made from mud

But long for, there you are!



Cannot do it!  Of course not!

Body will not permit!

Body is earthbound!  You stay!

Cannot get out of it!



But in your mind you fly away,

Spirit takes its fight!

Body, spirit different, like,

Bright day to black night!



No night there, for Father’s light

Brightens every nook!

God’s light is bright evermore!

Check!  It is in the book!



Jesus, “Light of the world,” and

Everyone who is born

Again, spirit will inherit

Body will conform.



Spirit light just dimly now

That in reality

Is heavens light to glow now

And throughout eternity!



Real?  Of course!  But lightly

Our spirits long to fly!

Eternal creatures we are now

And we will never die!



So, “Heavenly minded,” it is said of some,

“They are no earthly good!”

But if they truly believed in Him

They would mobilize as they should!



If we know we are heaven bound, we will mobile!



S H Cox 12.05.05

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