The real you is captured by

The One who never fails!

He has loved you forever

And finally prevails!



You had to try the world with

Its fantasy of joy,

No real joy!  It just ridiculed

And teased to annoy!



Insidious the tempter tried

Many times but failed!

To return you to swine husks

But each time Christ prevailed!



“I will return to my father”

Confess that I have sinned

Just take me as your servant.”

But the father only grinned!



Through his tears of joy, “My son has

Returned!  Kill the fatted calf.

We will celebrate with gladness

For it is in his behalf!”



“He has sinned but sins shackles

Are no more! Now he is clean!

We will rejoice!  We will not frown

Not slander nor demean!”



“Brand new suit!  Put him in it

For my son who was lost

Is not found!  He is alive

Penitent forget the cost!”



Jesus told this story.  Yes,

Those tears of joy are real!

The tears of God, The Father,

Believe it!  He does feel!



He feels our sins, He felt them on that cross!



S H Cox 12.2.05

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