Simplicity at its very best depicting the greatest act!

“In the beginning God created…”  We accept the greatest fact!

Not a tribute to the Godhead, He needs none, what He has done

Confirms the word, creation!  Magnificence begun!



Everything from nothing!  Naming everything we see

And what we cannot see, created and/or brought about to be!

In its cycle of fulfillment, winter, spring, summer, fall,

Wind, snow, rain, and sunshine, yes!  My God!  He did it all!



What we see and what we cannot see we still know what He did!

What better way to start your day than to bow down and to give

A pledge of allegiance to your God, made you from dust!

Acknowledge it, bow down in praise and worship!  It is a must!



At least we can own up to, recognize all that He has done!

Even heathen see and worship the power of the sun!

Yes, worship it, but everywhere we look cannot careless!

If I were God, I would give us up!  I am sorry!  I am a mess!



If I were God how can I judge?  I am nothing I contend.

Oblivion all I can see the only place to send

The conscious, the oblivious to all that God has done!

The heathen of our country do not know God’s only Son! (*)


He was born to die to save us then to live eternally!

With Him!  In heaven forever!  Why then cannot we see?

Silly pride, sophistication?  Just cannot admit to sin?

So heaven’s door is open now, but they will not enter in!



(*) Closed minds refuse to know!



S H Cox 12.01.05



God alone only is eternal!  He always was!  Pre-existent!  Had no beginning!  He was and is the beginning, no end!  Mind boggling, is not it!  Cannot understand but believe!

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