He came a baby, how old was He

When He knew He was to die?

Before He even turned forty

In a borrowed tomb would lie!



What brutal rage possessed the ‘religious,’

Those who put Him in that tomb?

But first let us consider His growing days,

That lowly barn, from Mary’s womb.



Was Mary aware this special child

Was desired truly for the cross?

I think so.  An angel had foretold

The hint was there of loss!



But the growing tine there had to be

Something to identify

His morality with the other kids,

Did He ever scarf on pie?



Did He ever show mom a shiner?

Or a bloody nose from play?

I am sure with His human nature

He limped home many a day!



Was humility hard for Mary?

When shepherds unannounced

Came blabbering in about angels,

They were not put out or denounced!



They bowed and worshipped the Child!

Wise men, Kings, from great distances

Worshipped the meek and the mild.



Do you worship Him as the Savior?

He was God!  Always will be!

Interceding for all us sinners

In heaven someday we will see!



Considering all the miracles

That ushered in this special time

I think Christmas, universal,

Through growth reveals the sublime.



Sam Cox 12.05

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