Grace is greater than all my sin.

Calvary proves that to me!

I was a slave to sin in times past

But Christ has set me free!



Never again will any sin

Develop a stranglehold.

The most natural thing to do is confess,

To receive now, I am bold!



“Forget not all His benefits!”

His provision has been made.

When Jesus died on Calvary,

My sins were on Him laid!



He took them unequivocally,

Sins!  Yes, all of them!

He knows my weakness and covers all!

Nor does He me condemn!



I do not give up the struggle!

Does not that keep me strong?

God’s goodness leads me to repent! (*)

In his strength all, all along!



But I am not strong!  God knows and cares,

Do I give up the fight?

Of course not!  But then that is my strength,

Confess it is always right!



“Be strong in the Lord and in His strength

Of His might.”  Where is boasting then?

Our boast is in our Lord over all!

Of course, we depend on Him!



“His strength,” we have nothing to brag about

For Jesus did it all!

In Christ we boast in Him alone!

In pride we only fall!



If when we sin our Advocate,

Christ Jesus crucified,

Delivered us from sins wage!

So there is no room for pride!



(*) Romans 2:4 (Read it!  That is an order!)



S H Cox 11.30.05

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