These saints of God, overcomers, have “overcome the world.”

Aiming for a better land, by Spirit they are controlled.

Not all, I think, some mope around seeming not to care

Or understand, they are reborn.  Their names are written “There.”



“If we confess…” He faithfully forgives all our sins.

Contented now in servitude to Him who lives within.

Then Jesus speaks, “You are My friends, if you follow through.

As earnestly you are seeking My best desires for you.”



Oh, yes, I confessed a lot before deliverance came.

It seems I sinned a lot.  I could not place the blame

On anyone, on Adams’ sins, I stood there all alone.

You see it was for me that He died to atone!



Can it be my mother’s’ prayers supported through it all?

Through many churches that I pastored obeying every call.

Calls to move or stay there.  Not always easy then,

He provided when He said, “Move” I just asked, “Where/when?”



Before that war, South Sea Islands called and it was rough!

Eating little, dodging bullets, you know, I called their bluff.

Actually, I knew it was God!  He answered mother’s prayers!

They did their best to kill me, but now I know God cares!



I know it now!  I realize I was no kind of saint!

Retired now, bad habits gone, but still a saint I ain’t.

But as a believer, guess I am.  Sainthood cannot escape.

I am aimed for heaven, the happy sounds soon to resonate.



Upon my tears within my heart consuming with delight!

Filling every pore with sound and happiness so bright!

Continuing this insane pace throughout eternity!

Insane compares to earth’s slow go of mediocrity!



Never mediocre!  The sheer force of joy sublime

Comparable to difference between sinner and the Divine!

The glow of God encompassing us forevermore.

Are not you glad you are bound for that forever shore?



S H Cox 10.25.05

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