Two boys in death hand-in-hand,

Tsunami’s dreaded toll.

Many times over and over again!

In heaven God in control!



Fighting waves as the waters rage

Each brother grabs a hand!

They clutch!  They gasp!  Breathing stops,

Lie dead there in the sand!



How can this be the will of God?

How can this ever be?

Millions of children in heaven now

In God’s eternity!



What hopelessness the Buddhists taught

But kids in carefree play,

God loves them.  He takes them home

To His eternal day!



“Let the children come to Me.”

He loves them every one.

“My kingdom waits, in heaven now

And I will take them home.”



What age accountability?

Who knows?  We will know then!

God’s love is what is accountable

And He can count to ten.



We see these boys still hand-in-hand.

They look around!  They stare!

Cannot believe this vibrant place!

Whole bunch of kids up there!



“Getting acclimated boys?

Do not be afraid!  Just Me!”

They see the smiling face, then run

To Him!  So glad!  So free!



Of course they know it is God!

They have seen Him through childish eyes.

Believe in Him so naturally

Gladly the child complies!



He points to the River of Life,

“You can breathe in that,” He says.

“Sorry about that flood below,

Will not happen up here, My pledge!”



Somehow they know, as they know Him!

His love for them well aware!

The Sea of God’s forgetfulness.

This they gladly share!



Sam Cox 11.24.05

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