I was far from God, myself, but He always stayed close to me.

I know it now but way back then it just did not seem to be.


Though I often wondered why men around me dropped like flies

While each and every skirmish found me fit.  Sure, I wondered why!


Close calls many, many and often enough so I could see,

Now I see it so much later that God had His Hand on me!


But the others, way too many, killed or wounded, did God care?

Screaming, dying!  But crucifixion!  Now just ask me, did He share?


Yes, He suffered, agonizing!  Cannot you sense the pain He bore?

Writhing!  Yes, a slow death, dying!  Look, now see the nails that tore!


Crown of thorns they pressed down on Him, hid His face with bloody gore!

Mary, weeping, cries out weakly in her anguish, “Please, no more!”


Jesus, gasping, joins together, “Mother, Son,” they loved the most!

Then as if to cease her torture breathes His last, gave up the ghost!


For me!  Yes, for me He suffered!  Must I share His agony?

To a bloody pulp they lashed Him.  Then they hung Him on that tree!


Lost a lot of weight in combat, suffered some, but you do, too!

Cannot compare with His grim anguish which He bore for me and you.


Sure we think we suffer torment for our own sins!  Yes, it is true!

But sinless, He, our tortured Savior, what He suffered very few—


Could ever experience!  For such love we cannot know.

Unless we, for sins of others, willingly to our death go.


He alone is sinless!  He alone could qualify!



S H Cox 11.148.05

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