There is purpose in your problems,

I call it Divine Design!

First off have you not considered

He is calling you all the time!



Yes, calling!  You have felt the impulse

Projected until you obey!

Keeps after you gently, softly!

Until you hear what He has to say!



“Read My Word!  Meet Me this morning.”

Gently, “Now it is time to pray!”

How can we call ourselves Christian

If we do not start our day this way?



But back to His purpose in problems,

Obstacles, can you accept?

Fact that Hell lay them before you

Or is this a new concept?



Attention getter, I call it.

Within the Divine Design.

If you get your hackles in an uproar

It is the devils time to shine!



Just do it say, “Speak Lord, I am listening,”

Then listen, His impulse is clear!

I am not here to do a replay

Sufficient to know that He is near!



How can I know what He tells me?

Communication!  Would you agree?

Brings up the matter of caring

You mean He really cares for me?



He built you!  Or do not you remember,

His process through mother’s birth?

All organs, utensils are present!

Just nothing like it on earth!



Of course, I know you know better

It happens all the time!

Evidence of God’s designing

Just a wee part of Divine Design!



Maybe that is why we are so dense now,

It happens all the time!

Just once and we would remember

But then there is no one but, I am!



Just why should our matchless Creator,

Why should He care about me?

So why should he die as my Savior?

And suffer on Calvary?



S H Cox 11.15.05

2 thoughts on “WHY II

  1. Hershel says:

    What’s up, I read your blogs regularly. Your humoristic style is witty, keep doing what you’re doing!

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