Love is the Christians signature,

Does not project itself!

It is not hypocritical, like,

I, me, and myself!



Love is living for others

Without appearing to be.

Love makes living for others

Like, what comes naturally!



Hypocrisy makes preening look

Like the natural thing to do.

Self-love carried to the extreme,

Like, there is no one else but you.



Come off your high horse hypocrite!

You are not the only one

Contained within this hemisphere

Beneath that blessed sun!



But look at me this hypocrite!

Is calling others names,

Like, angry children yelling out

In their childish games!



Love is without hypocrisy,

We do not dissimulate. (*)

Living without dissimulation

This is the Christians fate!



A beautiful fate it is for sure

Bound for that forever shore!

Place of everlasting truth

Will not be pretensive no more!



(*) Romans 12:9



Sam Cox pretensive poet 11.15.05


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