The earnest of our inheritance (*)

Is the pledge of the same!

The promise that we will receive

For it is pledged in Jesus’ name!



The inheritance that we hold dear,

We value above this life,

It is the promised life beyond the veil,

This veil of tears and strife.



Sure, there is beyond, within, the stars

Real life that will never end!

Heaven, the heavens, make no mistake

Real!  I do not need to defend!



It is promised in God’s Word to all

Who will trust Him and obey!

Once you have entered, become God’s child,

There is no other way!



We look alive when we come alive in

New life that He bestows!

A realization that we receive

Knowledge that grows and grows!



Revealing new truths as we receive

What He has already taught.

We grow in grace and the wisdom that

He, with His life, has brought!



He went “to prepare a place for” us

As real as ever we will know!

More real than the life we live on earth

Or lived that He will show.



The life we now live is punishment

Compared to New Life once arrived.

Truly alive when in heaven’s shore

Forever!  By Jesus’ side!



(*) Ephesians 1:14



Sam Cox 11.14.05

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