Consider the cow, its magnificence.

Capitulating sheer continence,

Controlling its stomachs, yes three of them,

Contently chewing its cud in the sun!



Pure grass it chews, then brings it back

From its first stomach, so there is no lack,

As it is chewed again the process minute

In producing pure milk prepared to suit!



Most sensitive stomachs anywhere,

Pure!  This established beyond compare!

This magnificent creature given to man

Regardless of culture extending the span—



Of man’s longevity, blessing from God!

And this, a blessing anyone can afford!

Thank you, Lord!  This blessing we know

Can come only from You for You bestow—



All good things to men everywhere!

There is nothing as pure as this we share!

God gave us the cow, like simple to see,

He loves everyone, like, continually!



Still cannot believe?  Give a good healthy look!

God made everything!  Must go by the Book!

“Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ—be saved!”

Enter new life, one you always craved!



Look around you may find a cow waiting there

To be milked, milk it, and the you can share

This nectar from heaven from earth back again.

So pure just drink it until God says when!



S H Cox 11.14.05

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