God attending to small details features this from the eternal.

Each skinny silk of corn attached to every little kernel.

The silk extends outside the husk to catch the rays of sunshine!

Each sun kissed kernel bursts with sweetness tasting, like, divine!



Just think other things, similar like the apple and pear,

Can you, the sweetness of a grape find just anywhere?

Sure makes our taste buds water that is not all!  God made them grow!

God made everything that pleases!  Does not this His kindness show?



In hundreds of tasty tidbits we find pleasure every day!

Mouthwatering juicy vegies there is just nothing left to say!

God loves us tries to prove it through our taste buds, nothing more?

Just gaze into the future.  Look by faith and see that shore!



“Many mansions” this foretelling beauty, luxury, beyond

Any human comprehension!  Listen!  That angelic sound!

Coming from ten thousand voices, do you wonder, cannot you hear?

Clear sound harmonious mingling, imagination brings it near!



Let us not spoil it by imagining, just know that it will transcend

Any, every mortal talent!  Nothing earthly can contend!

Music there is never ending, reach other planets, all

Bathed in constant praise extending, reaching those that did not fall!



Other planets, heavens pieces, like to ponder, think a bit!

Not suggesting this as scripture, so do not throw a tizzy fit.

Angelic choir from main heaven televising words from God

Around the clock?  No!  Daylight always!  Waking hours can afford!



Can imagination offer anything to beat this trip!

Do not know!  I do not think so but then I do not give a rip!

Through all our tears and troubles can we ever understand

That we were handpicked for heaven?  For we have sought a better land!



Sam Cox 10.25.05

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