Yes, there will be tears in heaven,

But God will wipe them all away!

Is not that just like a Father?

What more is there left to say?



I dreamed that I searched vainly

Through heaven for a dear friend.

A dream that left me sorrowful,

Sorrow that had to end!



I wept when I knew that he was not

In that fair City of God!

Sorrowfully cried until God found me

And proved He was truly God!



He wiped those tears and then

Caused my heart to rejoice!

Just with His glorious presence when

He touched me!  I heard His voice.



His voice so strong and kind, it was,

Like, no voice ever before!

His love drove thought long past, away!

Including hurts I deplored!



Though such bliss was hard to ignore

But why ignore such joy?

Forgetfulness of sorrows past

Equally hard to destroy!



Not impossible for God who

Never gave thought to that word!

Negative thoughts all driven away

Just words of joy now heard!



It was, like, miraculously a loss

Of memory of the past!

All bad memories gone, forgotten!

How could they ever last?



As God, long past, did forget my sins

“To be remembered no more.”

“As far as the east is from the west”

On that happy, yes, blissful shore!



S H Cox 11.11.05

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