All year around our hearts should move

About the One who gave.

Who gave us this mortality,

This blessing that we have.



We share with others, we subsist

By giving what we own,

For owning is not permanent

We do not live alone.



I am not an island, I should care

Should reach out to others.

Deep within a longing grows

I care about my brothers!



You truly are, for are we not

All of us created

By our Father God of all

So we are all fated–



To brother one another

Or sister, case may be.

If we care about the future

There is immortality!



I shall not be condescending

But the evangelist in me

Makes me love and care for all

And think eternity!



This mortal must one day put on

The ever living life!

Which life is indestructible!

Cannot cut it with a knife!



Where I will live forever,

May I get personal?

I really want to go to heaven,

Have no desire for hell!



I know to some this sounds archaic

But when that summons comes

Do not care to miss my future

Nor overload on tums!



Ole Sam the poet 11.03.05

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