Ever spend your night in a mud hole (*)

With rain water pouring in?

I did but God sent an angel

To warm without and within!



Think that same angel warmed the Savior

Through cold and pouring rain?

Of course he did and the suffering

For me again and again!



They called me Preacher and Padre

Though I never told them anything.

The men knew nothing about me

Just maybe a bird on the wing.



Sky Pilot, this designation

Stuck, I think, respectfully.

They saw me take many chances

That might have, could have killed me.



There was little respect for Jesus,

Religious folk tortured Him!

He taught, He healed, and He suffered!

Still love for all within!



We know He wept often!  Perhaps

From the hill of Calvary.

He wept for the men who would kill Him

And surely for even me!



They whipped Him until His blood flowed,

Same blood that cleansed my soul!

They beat Him, lashed, and then crucified,

And that is what made me whole!



Contradicting, scoffing, ribald laughter!

Snubbed, taunted, spat on, jeered,

Knowing that He would die on a cross.

Yes, of course, I am sure He feared!



How could I think that?  As man He died!

And they did what I did to Him!

Yet I know the provision that He made

He would do it again and again!



I lost 30 pounds during that fray

Gained it all back and 30 more!

Do not think that will matter much

When I get to that forever shore.



(*) The war in a fox hole.



Sam Cox 11.09.05

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