We have visited stars, seen earth below.

The more we see the less we know.

We plant a seed then we watch it grow.

Where is the responsibility?



We see a creature not The Creator!

Give Him a thought?  Not now, later.

Debated instead of the debater,

What is responsibility?



We have a thought that covers it all,

“Evolved from amoeba,” that is the call.

Small wonder we from grace did fall!

No responsibility!



But the more we know the less we know.

Cannot be bothered with how things grow!

He despised, rejected, nothing to show?

But responsibility!



He accepted the responsibility!

He died on the cross for you and me!

There are others who need Him!  Cannot we see?

Face responsibility!



God made (loves) us!  Will not leave us alone!

He is responsible to everyone!

Did He not die?  Our sins to atone?

His responsibility!



So why are we so important to God?

Created to mold us by, Him adored!

Why do not we crown Him our King and Lord?

Lack of responsibility!



When Jesus comes just what will remain?

When He searches for one that He cannot find,

Responsible?  Oh, he was left behind!

Who is responsible?



Sam Cox 11.04.05

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