Sin put you in prison for life!

Nothing to do but think!

Small window up high, stale air

To breathe, tap water to drink.



Hopeless there, four walls to see

Just two meals a day!  What crime?

Jesus comes!  Impossible!  But

Offers to do your time!



You stubbornly reject His offer,

Sadly He goes His way,

The gimmick, what does He get out of this?

You close your heart and stay!



Or this way:



Sins penalty, “sins wages, death!”

Jesus will take your place!

“Yeah, right!  What does He get out of it?”

Nothing!  It is only God’s grace!



Grace?  Of course you do not understand,

Why would anyone die?

Motive questioned?  Consider well,

“Grace, His love will not lie!”



Cannot trust yourself?  All hope is gone?

“Eternal life?  What is that?”

Dream world!  Come out of the clouds!

You are heaven, just way too pat!



Jesus promised!  Enough for me!

My hope is heaven’s shore!

Anticipation sheer delight!

With Him forevermore!



“Grace, God’s grace, grace that pardons and cleanses within!

Grace, God’s grace, grace that is greater than all our sin!




Sam Cox 11.02.05

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