Doctors cannot do it, cannot heal the soul!

Cannot begin to try.

Cannot cauterize, may heal a heart but

To forgive, Christ had to die!



“The wages of sin is death,” so Christ

Assumed the penalty,

Because He loves us!  He took the cross!

Made it so plain to see!



Why cannot we take God at His word?

When He tells us, “I forgive!”

Gratefully lift up hands, now cleansed,

Thank Him!  Begin to live!



That is why He died!  Do not you believe?

Claim His forgiveness now!

Or did the Savior die in vain?

My sin He cannot allow!



The devil lies!  Forgive He will!

Do not live in doubt!  Receive!

He said, “Confess your sins.  I will forgive.”

Thank The Lord!  Just believe!



It was not an easy sacrifice!

Can you feel the agony?

The cost of our sins, His cruel death,

Something too hard to see!



Was Judas forgiven?  Of course he was!

Believe I hear Jesus cry.

Judas could not believe nor receive,

So in sin he had to die!



It is your never dying soul!

Take good care of it!



(*) “If we confess…” 1 John 1:9



S H Cox 11.1.05

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