Dead is dead, yes, but there is a resurrection!

We will be like Him and there is a connection!

All who die in Christ will never see corruption,

But all who die without Him inherit destruction!



Destruction, yes!  For as sensibilities go

No more peace, no more comfort, no more joy below!

Delusion interrupts every soul that remains!

I will be glad to leave it with all it contains!



Will not need cars, trains, or ships where I am going, be so glad!

I will be leaving this world, not that I am good or bad,

But I am saved, ‘born again’, I am salvation’s own son!

And I am not alone!  For He died for everyone!



All who want may come and be with Him forever!

This is no delusion!  I know I will perish never! (*)

Yes, dead is dead but know this, the clock is still running,

So whatever you do just do not keep on shunning!



Have you ever considered God’s seniority? (**)

His response is triggered by your activity?

You do not have to yell in prayer, He hears your thinking!

Dwell on all those bad thoughts and He knows you are sinking!



Of course He knows our thoughts before we ever think them!

And He equips us with a conscience to refute them!

Never underestimate His wisdom, love, or power!

Timeless, He is always with you, now and every hour!



(*)    in the sense of oblivion

(**)  better believe it pilgrim, from eternal to everlasting!

That is what eternal means!



S. H. Cox 10.21.05

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