Sure there is similarity, I once was lost to sin!

Lame in both my feet, believe this man and I are twin!


Never thought myself lame until I came to His side.

Found then not just lameness, hastened to Him to abide.


“What am I, thy servant, that you should look upon myself?”

Could such humility then identify this self?


“Humble yourself, so He will exalt you in due time…” (1)

I do not seek exaltation, just abide with the Divine!


“Come to Me,” my Lord said, “And I will give you rest.” (2)

Is this not exaltation sufficient to be blest?


Heaven will be exaltation plenty for this son!

As it should appropriate for each and every one!


So humble yourself (3) you may prove a blessing yet!

It is nothing in yourself but in the Perfect one you met!


You know the Perfect one is Jesus, He is alone in every way!

He alone can teach perfection as we follow Him each day!



(1) 1 peter 5:6 “Humble yourself…” Look them up, do you good

(2) Matthew 11:28-30

(3) “Humble yourself under the mighty Hand of God and He will exalt you.”



S H Cox 10.24.05

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