Can God forgive when hearts are turned

From seeking Him, to sin?

Against His tender loving care?

Try proving, come to Him!



The proof is found on that one cross

With Jesus in between,

“This day in paradise with Me,”

And He found sweet relief!



The Donners, crazy killers,

Now walking in the light,

Can this be true?  Do not doubt it,

In heaven, what a sight!



“I never thought I would see you there!”

You greet with open arms.

“You either!”  The answer is clear

So safe now from all harm!



Yes, hypocrites, too, can be saved!

As the Judas followers.

The heart of Jesus, to “All who come…”

Cowards and deserters…



Ashamed to own Him Lord and King,

As Peter’s cowardice,

Did Jesus die for nothing then?

He paid each sinner’s price!



He died for me!  But my sins took

Me so far away from Him!

His invitation, “Come back now!”

Yes!  I found peace within!



Thank you, Lord!



S H Cox 10.13.05

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