Life may throw a curve ball or two

When you are just dawdling around,

But if your feet stay out of concrete

You may come through safe and sound!



A whole bunch of sordid accoutrement (*)

May accost you on your way,

But as you abide by Jesus’ side

You could see another day!



Just fasten your eyes on Jesus!

While keeping focused on Him

Controlling emotions is easier

Staying away from sin.



So calling it as I see it

Sin in simplicity

Is turning away from Jesus,

That is as true as it can be.



Do not fool around, Ole’ Satan still

Can put a strangle hold

On anyone who loses touch

And strolls from His control!



“Abide in Christ,” yes, stay with Him!

Do not ever leave His side!

Christ in you and you stay with Him

That is what it means to abide!



So as we dawdle and fool around

Just make sure that Christ is there

Ever abiding with Him within!

Living within His care!



(*)  excess baggage



S H Cox 10.11.05

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