The “Heavens declare…” a limitless

Space, of course, unending!

God inhabits!  Oh, He is there alright!

And everywhere contending!



A thief on a cross, God there beside,

What more does this crook need?

“Remember me…” when You enter heaven.

He is remembered indeed!



“Today with Me in paradise,” declared,

Forgiven, converted, redeemed,

And there was not ever an altar call!

And that was enough, it seemed—



As a thief on a cross, God there beside,

What more do criminals need?

“Remember me!”  It is a painful cry!

He is remembered!  Indeed!



The right from wrong, He only determines,

Whatever the judgement pending.

Since the “Just shall live by faith in God,”

Many criminals contending.



I left the Marines in a borrowed car.

So long before you were born.

So this silly kid tried to reenlist, ha!

Rejected, of course, forlorn!



So I tried the Army, found my home,

Did expert with the rifle,

Sure, as I in the Marines,

Just had to add this trifle.



Figure this, no relation but another Cox,

Same outfit, news came in

Made expert also thought most unusual!

So what is in a name?



But no matter I am in God’s Army, now!

Forget all the expertise

To be His greatest, humble yourself!

Pray!  Down on your knees—



To the Christ, consistent, theophany,

Very person of God!

Can any presence ever be more real?

Than Jesus our Lord?



By the Sam 6.13.15

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