Above Darjeeling but highest spot on this earth of ours,

Himalayan mountains covering Tibet and that hill, of course,

Mount Everest!  Then 200 feet lower appearing, higher Kanchenjunga!

Appearing higher as it was nearer to that church overlooking the Jungah!

From that church high on that hill we could admire the two of them,

Snow covered decidedly; challenge to climb, to win acclaim.

I tempted not, many died trying, temptation the fame!

Acclaim of other men amounts to what?

To the winners, some large and some not,

Many the large!  What in the now conspires!

Devastating defeat could wish I had not tried!

Those tears of remorse, could wish I could hide!

A trouper, I recalled, would, like, practice every day

And then when he lost, just had nothing to say

But tearful at night in the bed, secrecy.

This I observed!  No, it was not the me,

I was the winner in the racing each time!

Training, paratroops, first to cross the line!

Determinations helps and speed!  Oh yes, that too!

Certain sergeant liked to show off, just what he could do,

I beat, was not proud when I looked at him there.

That is when I determined to try out way up there,

Paratroops, of course, with a few others share

Twice the pay!  Sure, that was some incentive!

But slapping the dirt!  Just no preventative!

Then unprecedented activity in heaven we will see!

Visiting all those planets, will take eternity!

Everlasting life for sure, this son will have

Not eternal but everlasting!  Only God has no past!

No past, no beginning.  Do not you know our God always was!

Building our forever, that is not all that He does!

Only God is eternal!  The man beginning had!

Did sin begin with Eve?  Sure, Adam was just as bad,

Condemned to die (the body) no more flesh left to sin!

Just the spirit (soul) will live on and on forever!

We are saved by grace by Christ only through faith, enter in!

the Sam 6.1.14

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