I am leaving a legacy not

Appreciated yet.

Might forever be unknown

But by my mindset—



It is not all that important,

What is important I know

Is when I get to heaven,

I have left something to show—



My kin, grandchildren, great grand

Children, when I am gone.

Something worthwhile they can read

Lift them up than upon!



Something reminiscent of

Jesus and His love,

Reminiscent of the Scripture

That lifts our thoughts above—



The mundane, the frivolous

In contemplation, true,

Of that which satisfies more

Than what we can do!



I do not want them visiting some

Shrine made from a grave,

I am alive, I am up here!  Not

Down there, not some slave—



To the chemistry of change

Nothing down there can remind

You of what it is like in heaven

Or what I have left behind.



Sure, it was pleasant do not you know,

The church that used to be

The many friends, the fellowship,

The love of family…



Yes, of course, I miss all that

But it is permanent up here!

And all our songs are new now

With no semblance left of fear!



Many times I can remember,

When the fellowship below

Left a fragrant taste of heaven

Made me long for do not you know.



S .H. Cox 10.8.05

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