My love for money is no more!

What good can money bring?

Cannot buy my way to heaven or

Cannot bribe my Lord and King!



“Your money perish with you!”

That is what I would hear Him say,

For wealth is more that burdensome,

Forgotten how to pray!



No, money is not my problem,

I just need to do my thing!

Some men have to preach The Word

While some just have to sing!



So I just have to write a poem!

And write some more, it flows.

Some read, some do not!  It matters little,

I need to write, just grows!



Believe I will keep it up until

Christ come but then, I guess,

When I cannot lift a pen no more,

Type, I must confess.



What then?  Guess my life Is over?

What more can I do?

Oh God, forgive (I have preached it often)

I will pray!  Yes, pray to You!



Nothing, not much left you say,

To pray is that the best?

Compared to a fine table set,

Pray!  It is no contest!



“Praying always with all prayer

And supplication,” too

Whatever else, may have in mind,

Prayer!  Far best for you!



S. H. C. 10.6.05

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