New Orleans and many others in

That hard hit southern state.

Disrupted, twisted, torn asunder,

What will be her final fate?



Homes near ruined, standing water,

Other homes destroyed!  Complete!

Nothing left but scattered rubble.

Weeping men concede defeat!



Crowded into high-domed stadium,

Hard to get along, I think.

Shortened rations getting scant!

Boiling water, cooled to drink!



You know something?  Stop complaining!

Nothing here to gripe about!

Water is pure!  There is food aplenty!

Churches open!  We do without!



September 19th, we had lightning!

Thunder roared, shook up our homes.

Just enough to ponder,

Without God, helpless and alone!



Thank Him!  Praise Him!  For protection!

Thank Him for His loving care!

Pilgrims offered thanks to heaven

With no deep freeze to get bare!



Yes, things were tough but they found favor

With their God who brought them here

To this land of faith and freedom,

Where they worshiped without fear!



Sam Cox 9.20.05

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