The one people that I talk to,

If I can have my way,

Is the birds, they do not argue

But what they have to say—



Is explicit, yes, they say

Exactly what they mean!

If you have learned; wing, head, bird language

And their chirps!  Are what they seem!



They chirp ‘hello’.  They lift ‘good-bye’

And sometimes in between

They will wave a wing, chirp on through,

Like, sometimes in a dream!



I hear Mike (*) talking but cannot

Remember what he said.

When I wake up cannot decipher

But as I scratch my head—



I recollect, while pondering

As I climb out of bed.

Yes, I know that he said it but

Sure cannot think of what he said.



Like, those kittens just a couple

Like with their mother there,

You wake up in the morning and

A hundred greet you there!



Just a dream but that is the point,

When Ron (**) and Mike look in

Saw all those cats, I know they

Muttered something with a grin.



But what they thought or muttered or

Just thought I will never know.

Well, evidently that is the way your

Dreams go with the flow.



Will not attempt elucidation

Too formidable a plot!

It may be quite scary

But considering may not!



However scary and afflicting,

Hundred kittens in one night,

Cats and kittens are taking over

Know I will wake up in a fright!



(*) Mike is my son-in-law

(**) Ron is my son



Father Cox 9.25.05

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