I think of the eighty-plus years I have spent

And, yes!  They surely flew by!

Considering all that happened to me,

Like what?  The blink of an eye!



First ten years were lost!  Father’s death!

But before he died memories!

Memories to haunt my dreams each night,

Yes, nothing but sheer pleasantries!



Hunting, boat rides, crocodiles killed,

I could romanticize,

And deer, some for villagers.  So many

Helped and I fantasized.



Wonderful days until he died!

This boy capitulates!

Try to get even with the God of love,

Yes, God was the One to hate!



For many years my enemy, God.

But He did get through to me!

When it dawned on me that He knew best,

And proved that He loved me!



Stretching that love to the breaking point

I proudly did my own thing.

Dodging bullets in World War II

My life, like, hung from a string!



Through school, through marriage, to my first church,

Through others, we made our way.

With wife so faithful and no complaint

Soon we got old and gray.



Kids, grandkids, there were Great Grand’s, too.

Soon I will be eighty-seven!

Yet left seems short when I think back.

What will it seem like in heaven?



I will look about on eternity’s shore,

No night!  No setting sun.

God is light!  In heaven so bright!

Eternal day!  Never done!



What happened to earth?  So short!  A short time,

Like a blinking eye, it seems

And that is what it is, the blink of an eye!

In any one of my dreams!



Sam’l Cox 9.23.05

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