“From sea to shining sea,” we have gone,

No harbor which to lean upon.

The people seem consistently

To be the same from what I see.



There is Thomas, Richard, Harry, too.

Not too much that they cannot do!

Honest labor is what I see

Living easy just is not for me!



A little sweat do not hurt one bit!

Dirt will, yeah, do not have a fit!

Wash it off, like clean!  Brand new!

Another dirty job to do!



Whole lot of water used, you know,

Hey!  That is the only way to go!

Dirt accumulates and then

Just wash again and again!



Hearts, too, accumulate some crud!

You will need to do some washing, Bud!

“The blood of Jesus Christ, God’s Son”

Available to everyone!



Why did He go to Calvary?

And did He suffer just for me?

No!  Put yourself right in the place

For everyone fits in His Grace!



But you must receive Him now!

His kind forgiveness must allow!

Confessing sins and guilt to Him

This is the key to entering in!



Sam Cox 9.21.05

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