I have always written, like, what I know

Or what I think I know.

So now that I cannot write a thing

My ignorance will show.



Just what it means to know something

When thinking we know it all,

It means that what we know we know

We are out to lunch!  Will call!



But one thing I know and know for sure,

Heaven is waiting for me!

May sound like yesterday’s news to you

But it is where I long to be!



Where God himself with face aglow

Will greet you with a hug!

His warmth and love will fill each spot!

That is used to just a shrug!



His warmth and love fills every spot

That hungers for His care!

There will not be any longing care!

Or lack when we get there!



Just everything we will want we will have!

But who will care for anything?

Except God there and friends we love!

God’s praises ever sing!



Uncle Sam 9.21.05

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