Foreknowledge, of course God knows it all,

Where you are going, where you have been,

Long before your parents seed.  He

Knew you, yes, born in sin.



Born in sin from Adam’s failure,

Provision made for our return,

Christ’s sacrifice is our salvation!

We yield to Him and start to learn!



So much to learn, anticipation!

Christ would have us learn from Him!

Led on by the Holy Spirit,

Anticipates freedom from sin!



Anticipate His promised blessings!

Guidance, joy, provision made,

Every need supplied, believe it!

He wants you to make the grade!



His expectation for your freedom!

From the tentacles of shame!

It was our shame He took to Calvary

And He then assumed the blame!



God’s foreknowledge long beforehand

Saw you safe on heaven’s shore!

It was His anticipation

Expecting us forevermore!



His foreknowledge, expectation,

Wanted you to meet Him there!

And His Will is never thwarted!

Anticipates you!  Of course He cares!



Sam Cox 9.14.05

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