So sad the cries we hear repeated

Again and again on the news,

“My child is missing” or “He was last seen”

“On a roof” or “I have no clues.”



One woman trying to hold back tears

Valiant attempt but soon gave in.

“My son is missing” finally broke down!

Tears that she could no way begin—



To hold back!  And I really do not care

Whether red, yellow, black, or white,

Big or skinny it does not matter

For all are precious in His sight!



And if the Lord cares then we should, too.

But what can I do?  I cannot go!

So much we can do!  Have you ever thought

Of prayer?  We cannot being to know—



The power contained in this simple act.

And He has commanded, “Pray always.”

“With all prayer and supplication” and

He will answer all those who pray!



“Ask and it shall be given,” He promised!

Do we believe His word is true?

“Pray without ceasing,” yes, He commanded!

It is not the simplest thing to do!



“Pray with all supplication”, not easy!

Have you ever done it or tried?

A need realistic so heavy it brought you

To your knees, you broke down and cried?



You do not know the meaning of prayer, if not

If you have never fasted or given

Yourself to fill in this unselfish purpose

If not by the Spirit driven!



Sam Cox 9.12.05

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