Driven by love and deliberately

He gave His life for you and me.

Did He have to?  Yes and I know it well!

Delivering me from a certain hell!



But before He ever heard my cry

He obeyed the call, he had to die!

“The wages of sin is death,” I know

That is why he had to Calvary go!



Such pain and suffering!  How could He

Contain it all?  The agony!

Horrific!  Continuous the route

Of misery men brought about!



Sadistic laughter filled the air!

Enjoying suffering they saw there!

“Forgive them, Father,” He gritted out!

Then all there gathered heard His shout:



“It is finished!”  He thundered then,

The Son of God despised by men.

It was heard from Gaza to Galilee

Near splintered that object of agony!



At last the Savior from that cross

Cried, “Why must I thus suffer loss?”

“It is finished!”  He finally cried

“Into Thy hands…”  He gasped and died!



His stricken shout God answered then

With lightening, thunder, clouds contend

Blackening the sky, the sun put out!

Priests fled blindly with frenzied shout!



The earth split open, many were lost!

Violent the quakes, like, tempest tossed!

The Christ entombed!  Could not hold!

He rose!  As He so often foretold!



Sam Cox 9.11.05

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