In that everlasting Kingdom

What will happen?  I do not know!

I am no prophet just a poet,

But that is where I want to go!



Great intentions prospects aiming

Cannot quite make it on my own!

But it is my destination

Got to make it to God’s throne!



Who can get there that vast haven?

David, Jacob, Abraham?

Billy Sunday?  Billy Graham?

Or my father?  Or old Sam?



Sorry buddy, all unworthy!

“All have sinned and all fall short,”

If you would scrap the devils arrows

Have to build yourself a fort!



All those saints who have gone before us

Not excluding Samson, too (*)

Had a fort, their faith increasing

Without it one is faithless crew!



Faithless?  Yes!  For without Jesus

Without faith in Christ you are dead!

Be sure of it, if not in heaven

May as well have stayed in bed!



That rugged cross that is where Christ took them,

All my sins and yours!  Believe

On Jesus Christ’s propitiation

Eternal Life you will receive!



Believing now I do receive it!

Heaven is my eternal home,

Unworthy?  Yes!  Confess, receive Him!

He is ready to atone! (**)



(*) Ready Hebrew 11

(**) Atone – make two as one



Sam Cox 9.12.05

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