I love You, Lord!  This is the best

That I can give, not like the rest

Who have much more that they can give

But it is my desire just to live—



To live within your will always

To communicate all my days.

Teach me to pray, Lord!  Yes, this now,

This now I ask if you would allow.



A nobler form of prayer that can

Consist in better language to pen

Out all evidence of ignorance

To form a plea in my defense.



No, no!  You do not need such a plea!

Just show your heart!  Yes, I can see

Within, inside, and what lies there

And, yes, there is sin enough to share!



So why not share it, get it out

Into the open!  Do not doubt!

“Confess your faults, I know them all

I will not sigh or be appalled!”



“Confess your faults!  It is the best way,

One cannot tell by what you say

But open up your heart to me!

I will show you sins you cannot see.”



“More evidence of what you know

To be the truth!  I will gladly show

Just open up your heart, commune!

You will learn!  But know I will see you soon!”



That Cox guy 9.11.05

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