Nothing will slow the destruction

Nothing that any can do,

Whatever nations conspire

Will not avail!  This is true.



Total destruction, we have seen it!

And little by little it will come!

New Orleans just a sample when

We will know this old world is done!



Many more cities were leveled!

Tsunami’s, hurricanes, floods,

Nothing there left to pray for

Nothing but splinters and mud!



Proud places reveling in freedom,

Bourbon Street included there,

Gays parading near naked

Lesbians with them will share.



Been going on, it has, forever!

Seems nothing can stop sin’s pace

Nothing but judgment pervading

To justify God’s ignored grace!



God, one day, will split the heavens!

You know that time is now near!

With a roar He will be heard everywhere!

And sinners will quake with fear!



God’s wrath will be fearful, we

Unable to think, they will cry

For the rocks and mountains to cover

And hide from God’s wrath to die!



But dying is not the real answer.

For the soul lives on and will face

Eternal wrath of God’s judgment

On all who resisted His grace!



The revelator now is still crying,

The end time much nearer now,

When judgment will crush unbelievers,

Yes, sin He will no longer allow!!



Sam Cox hath spoke 9.8.05

Sure, and it is God’s word

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