Precious jewel always cheery

Cannot evaluate her worth,

Ready smile comes from the inside

Nature buoyant full of mirth.



So natural in her helping others

Do not underestimate her skill,

Sometimes not an easy matter

But she comes through with a will—



That is what it is, it is power

With a sense of loving!

Any challenge she will accomplish

Do not need praise a little bit.



No problem there too hard or big

Nothing started, nothing done,

Gets willpower from her mother

And good looks, yes, she is the one.



But the beauty of this angel

Is the love of Christ within.

Nothing can such beauty hinder

Nor His tender love bedim.



Can you dig it?  This is special

She is a blessing everywhere!

Smile will not quit!  Joy will not either

If there is action she is there.



Once in heaven if I know her

I am sure she will kneel and say,

“Thank you, Lord, I do not deserve it

But it is nice!  Believe I will stay!”



Sam Cox on her birthday, Sept. 3

Happily her father

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