In that forever by and by

On that fair cloudless morning,

When I meet my Lord eye to eye

Countless angels adorning!



My eyes will hit the floor and I

Will see the gold beneath me.

Not the gold but His eyes will glow

They seem to look right through me.



What have I done?  I know there is sin!

Angels quiet, looking stern!

I feel, like, I am in the wrong place

That I should be down, should burn!



I fall!  I weep!  I am a sinner!

Clouds in white gather around!

Angels gaze down on me, consider

Then I see smiles!  Not frowns!



One points, “He died!  You are forgiven!”

Then I look up and I see,

That smile so tender, yes in heaven

He truly died for even me!



What rejoicing in the presence

Of angels and Lord I adore!

Then I look up and see in essence

Ceiling!  And looking down, the floor.



Yes, it was a dream but encouraged

I arose up, “Now will not be long,

Next step heaven!  I am not worthy

But through Him I now belong!”



Sam Cox 9.1.05

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