Forgiven by the forgiving Master,

Died on the cross to forgive!

“They know not what they do,” cried the Savior

In agony died!  But He lives!



And still today he pleads, “God forgive,

I died for them.  Is it not true?

I am sins sacrifice, none other needed

There is nothing else left to do!”



At God’s right hand He stands, still pleading

We come in Jesus’ name.  God forgives!

I do not quite conceive the scenario

But this I know, He still lives!



And so He lives to intercede for us

Our own High Priest by the throne!

Surely understanding for He lived with us!

His passion pleads for His own!



God’s holiness swayed by Christ’s tender love!

What other way can we see,

His passion, His death for a sinning world.

“Father forgive” even me!



God’s holiness swayed by His love for man?

Compassion before man was born!

No argument fully aware of our plight,

He died, our souls to adorn!



Sam Cox 9.1.05

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