Dear God, often I wonder with the Psalmist, “What is man

That You are mindful of him,” that You care.

Should You not be careful of vast space, eternal,

And with problems of the universe out there?



What problems?  No!  How could I imagine

My finite mind cannot grasp or take it in.

I search deep blue of heaven and all I see

Is deep blue, imagination cannot begin…



The solitude and quiet of deep heaven,

Yes, we know about the angels out there

For You made us a little lower than they,

We know, too, they are eternal and they care!



But we do not know much about other planets,

Occupied, sure there must be some around!

People with four eyes, two heads and antenna,

Yelling at each other with awful sound!



No!  Of course not!  That describes the planet earth,

The fallen planet, the one where I live,

But there is still hope for us I am assured,

I know one word upon God’s lips, “Forgive.”



Created in Your image this I surly know!

Forever we will live, no cares at all.

No sin up there!  I cannot help but know!

As sinless saints we will never fail!



That vast expanse that cannot ever be measured

As spirits or even with glorified

Bodies we will evermore be treasured

By God in His love and magnified!



But the lost ones, how can they ever realize

True peace or joy or satisfaction where

They are bound, loving their company

I am sure they will love their misery there.



All they need is a change of heart and desire!



Sam Cox 8.31.05

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