Lion from the tribe of Judah,

Roars!  The sound reverberates

“It is finished!”  From the cross

Cries Christ!  The only candidate!



Crying still triumphantly the sound

Splits sky and earth apart!

Forever more dividing both the

Saint and sinner from the start.



Divided as in Noah’s time

Scoffing sinner’s hurled rebuffs,

Laughing, jeering, flagrant gestures,

God roared back then, “It is enough!”



Once again His cry now splitting

Tribes through languages devised

Tower of Babel separating

Those who tried to reach the skies!



From each other language barriers

Understanding out of reach

Confusion separating families

Long beyond each other’s reach!



God will roar again!  I know it!

Saint from sinner separate!

“Sheep from goats” you cannot doubt it

Believe!  Leaving no debate!



Cry of God at least near strangled

Heart is broken looking down,

Sees sick sinners, as with Noah,

Meriting His angry frown!



Cry now angry, terrible

While his tears a waterfall.

God cannot force man’s repenting!

Will not make man on Him call!



The cross a failure to so many?

God now turns His head and cries!

Mankind soon will chose direction

Jesus now looks down and dies!



Was this cross of Christ a failure?

No!  It reconciles me now!

Remorsefully I cry repenting!

Loving Him!  I humbly bow!



Many more repent!  Accept Him!

Many more receive His grace!

Matchless grace rejoice in mercy!

Soon to look upon His face!



Tragedy!  Now those forgotten

Cringing in satanic power.

How can saint excuse himself

Sitting in his ivory tower?



Sam Cox 8.25.05

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