A tsunami named Katrina

Beat a swath, New Orleans first.

People lost and standing helpless

Water everywhere but thirst–



Unquenched.  Pollution is standard

It can only get much worse!

Waving sheets from higher windows

Much as though these states were cursed.



Perhaps true the nation staggers!

What will happen?  What can be done?

Cannot help wondering those who perish

Are they hopeful in God’s Son?



But the longing to keep living

It is strong and it will stay.

They will stand in waist deep waters

Wave their hands, cry out, and pray!



Night falls, people seeking higher

Safety move up from the streets.

Save for those who still are hopeful

Wave with flashlights till dawn meets.



Another day of hopeful waiting

For the help that cannot come.

Hundreds dead and far more dying,

Helicopters?  One by one!



Sam Cox 8.31.05

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